"Nothing Personal" Photobook

Nothing Personal by Aji Susanto Anom

Photography to me at first glance, is my way to answer my curiosity. It is merely a hobby, there was nothing personal. I merely take pictures to capture interesting things or moments. However, when i look at my photograph, one day, one week, or a month later, the photograph becomes very personal to me. It evolves into a kind of emotive memory,  giving me a chance to memorize life itself, and see it closely, deeply.
A photograph is a record, not just a record of a moment but a record of a feeling, a mystery of life, an answer and also a question. Reality and emotive memory become a formula to make a fictional historical record. All photographs in this Nothing Personal are my records, my journey, and questions and feelings that hit me in my hometown, Solo.
Aji Susanto Anom is a finalist in the IPA Street Photography Asia Award 2013. 
Nothing Personal is Aji Susanto Anom’s first book, published with Srawung Photo Books under Srawung Photo Forum. All photographs in the book were taken in Solo, Indonesia, circa 2012-2013. The book was exhibited at IPA Photo Books Show 2013 at National Museum of Singapore. 
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Photographs & Text: Aji Susanto Anom