Thursday, November 10, 2016



 “R.O.H (River of Hades)” Photobook by Aji Susanto Anom
“River of Hades” is an mythological approach to document reality and construct a fictional historical record of real life experience. Inspired and captivated by the magic of the river mythologies and the beauty of fear.


First Edition 111 Copies
Soft Cover
Japanese Book Binding
20cm x 20cm
30 photographs digital printed on Stora Enso Creamy 90gsm
4 photographs digital printed on Kalkir
Signed and numbered
Self-published in November 2016


“The surreal wilderness of the night—the darkness which breeds strange characters and mysterious beings—is the site of this highly graphic, deeply personal visual storytelling.”-Lens Culture Article (

“’River of Hades’ strikes me for its ability to go deep into the "dark side" of reality. Even the most simple subjects (whether they are people, things or natural environment) are turned into a disquieting presence; I truly felt upset looking at some of the images, and I think this is the great point and strength of “River of Hades’.”-Lens Culture Submission Review

“‘River of Hades’ is very intense and mysterious photo series of Indonesian photographer Aji Susanto Anom (b.1989). It’s eerie, intriguing, polysemic, and needs to be paraphrased along with the statement of the artist. It’s very original and memorable and it lingers as well as haunts the psyche of the viewers.”-PhotoArtMag (

River of Hades was one of the finalist on “Burn Magazine Emerging Photographer Fund 2016 (

River of Hades was projected at Indian Photography Festival 2016 (

River of Hades was one of participant at 10th years anniversary exhibition of Pannafoto (